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As a certified full service provider, we offer our customers a wide range of services: from purchasing to product development, marketing consultation, packaging design, warehousing, production, packaging to shipping.

Marketing Consultation

Welcome to the world of “Numis marketing”!

With an eye for what’s important, we develop the marketing strategy for you – on request – that best matches your products and markets, and thereby achieves the greatest possible success.

We trace gripping stories about the coins and banknotes, and find the optimum marketing context. Make use of our expertise from 25 years of experience on the market!

Product procurement

Our experienced buyers travel worldwide for you and your customers, in order to procure the most interesting, high quality products at attractive conditions. Make the most of our worldwide network of established, reliable employees from all continents. Excellent contacts with the central banks of the world, ensure that we can procure coins and banknotes for you in the required quantities, and in excellent quality. In doing so, we resolve all the import and transport challenges for you. Therefore, you are saved any particular surprises, and you minimize your risk in product procurement. You don’t need to take care of anything, you receive planning security and can concentrate completely on your core task.


Benefit from an unparalleled availability of goods – without extensive investments in building and managing your own warehouse

We keep over 200 million coins and banknotes from all over the world, permanently ready for you.

Relieving your logistical processes

If required, you can place product components in interim storage in our company, until we package them for you.

Product development

Ideas that win!

The creative team in the service of the customer

An interdisciplinary team of designers and marketing experts develops, on the basis of an ISO certified development process, products that fulfil customer requirements, and celebrate success on the market. Designing appealing and innovative coin packaging is our passion. Most of our products – individually developed for the customers – have become best sellers, and inspire thousands of collectors worldwide. We are happy to create a product according to your wishes, to inspire your customers too.

Production and packaging

Benefit from our 25 years of experience in packaging of numismatic products. Outsource the packaging process to our ISO certified production and packaging, and save time and money in doing so.