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Samurai Collection

Two gold and two silver coins from the time of the “Meiji Restoration”

商品编号: 40034


In 1854, the Japanese kingdom opened up after almost 200 years of self-imposed isolation. The established tradition of the Shoguns (“Generals“) and Samurai (“Warriors”) was abolished in the “Meiji Restoration”. The country was converted into a modern state, in accordance with the Western model, in the course of this restoration. The Samurai objected to this innovation, but in 1877, after a hard battle, ultimately had to bend to the new era. This collection includes four real coins (the so called bar money) from the time of this upheaval: two gold and two silver bars with Shu and/or Bu denominations. 4 Shu were worth 1 Bu. In 1870, the currency system was finally converted, and the ten decimal system was introduced.

  • 2 gold and 2 silver bar coins from the Japanese Empire
  • 150 years old
  • Including certificate of authenticity
  • In high-quality real wooden box
  • All coins individually encapsulated 

4 coins / 2x1 Bu, 2x1 Shu / 1853-1869 / F-XF