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The Large Asia Folder

51 coins from the countries of Asia

商品编号: 40832


The numismatic travel guide gives an insight into the most densely populated, and at the same time largest of all five continents. From the Himalayas, the roof of the world, to the endless steppes of Mongolia, Asia reveals its biodiversity in flora and fauna. In this folder, apart from coins from the well-known Asian countries such as Japan, China or India, there are also coins from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka or the Philippines, which leave a lasting impression due to their special coin shape.

Each individual coin can be inserted into the luxury folder, but also removed again, so that it can be viewed in detail. To give the collectors a unique experience, the coins are delivered loose, so that they can insert them into the collection folder themselves.

  • Luxury, large format folder
  • With loose coins to insert yourself
  • 51 coins from Asia
  • All coins in the best, uncirculated quality 

51 coins from 51 countries of Asia