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The Large Europe Folder

48 coins from the countries of Europe

商品编号: 34720


Go on a numismatic journey through Europe, and rediscover the “old” continent. The collection put together by experts, includes 48 selected coins, one from each country in Europe, and can hardly be surpassed when it comes to the variety of motifs: impressive animals, historical personalities, kings and queens or world cultural history significant buildings, we offer you all of this here. This hand-picked collection not only includes the well-known countries such as Germany, France, Greece, Great Britain and Spain. In this complete collection we offer you all the European nations, even rare coins from the small countries in Europe. Discover the Vatican, San Marino, Monaco and Andorra with their extraordinary mints. Stumble into these unparalleled coins e.g. from the Isle of Man or admire the special commemorative coin of Sweden.

Each of the 48 selected coins can be inserted into the luxury folder, but also removed again, so that they can be viewed in detail. To give the collectors a unique experience, the coins are delivered loose, so that they can insert them into the collection folder themselves.

  • Compilation put together by experts
  • All coins in the best, uncirculated quality
  • Premium folder in large special format
  • Impressive range of motifs 

48 coins from 48 countries of Europe