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The Large Oceania Folder

24 coins from countries of Oceania

商品编号: 38877


This folder in the large special format, invites you to take a numismatic journey to East Timor, Kiribati or Vanuatu. The diversity of the cultures that appear in the countries of Oceania, is reflected in the coins specially selected for this collection. Through the motifs, you can discover the biodiversity of the flora and fauna of the countries, which are home to many animals and plants, that cannot be found anywhere else in the world! Apart from Australia, the islands of Indonesia, the Philippines or New Zealand, there are also coins from the less known members of the Pacific island world.

Each individual coin can be inserted into the luxury folder, but also removed again, so that it can be viewed in detail. To give the collectors a unique experience, the coins are delivered loose, so that they can insert them into the collection folder themselves.

  • Compilation put together by experts
  • All coins in the best, uncirculated quality
  • Premium folder in large special format 

24 coins from 24 countries of Oceania